Limitless Keylogger v6.7

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    Limitless Keylogger v6.7
    Limitless Logger takes computer monitoring the next level.It will let you see everything the user has typed and will let you recover username and passwords from programs sucks as Google chrome and msn.
    those are just a few of its options, this monitoring programme is fully customizable with diffrent methods for options such as downloading and executing




    These are select few of the options more than 60 features can be found the actual program itself.
    Chrome Stealr
    Keylogger+RS pinlogger
    20 password recovery options
    online webpanel
    runscape recovery options
    email and pastebin options
    runscape bank pinlogger
    .net crypter
    Download and execute
    Melt file
    secure HWID System allow 2 computers
    Drop registry presitance

    7 System Disables
    Background updater
    send from any email provider
    record all or customs keystrokes
    2 runscapes pinlogggers 100 % complete
    Google chrome stealr
    internet explore stealr
    safari stealr
    firefox stealr
    RSBot stealr
    exicbot stealr
    rare bot stearl
    minecraft stealr and decrypter
    bitcoin wallet stealr
    spotify stealr
    IDM stealr
    core ftp stealr
    filezila stearl
    nimbuzz stearl
    pidgin stealr
    smart ftp stealr
    msn stealr
    IMVU stealr
    no ip stealr
    disable task manager
    force steam login
    logs clipboard
    execution delay
    run confirmation email
    site visitor
    download and execute
    fake msg
    icon changer
    file pumper
    assembly changer
    multi file binder
    start up
    registry presistence
    screen shot stealr
    rar spreader
    yahoo spreader
    msn spreader
    p2p spreader
    usb spreader
    skype spreader

    for more help contact me

    Download Link 1

    Download Link 2

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    thanks for the keylogger

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