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wu and mg pick up

  1. Y


    My name is yaboku. I’m selling Western Union, Bank and Paypal Transfers for any country in the world. I get all my information through spamming but also have a big experience in using botnets etc. I’ve got 5 main computers hacking Western Union data with the help of a strong botnet i programmed...
  2. K


    I pickup any name of your choice for western union and money gram here in indonesia and also i have accout for wire transfers. PM if you are a good shooter we split up 50/50
  3. Swipesinatra

    Wu Drops

    anybody needing wu pickup contact my ICQ:
  4. A

    I want to buy WU Transfers on % basis

    Hi there, i have many WU and skrill accounts and i want transfers on % basis. It should be loyal and fast. We will be cooperating more and more with time. Thank you. My icq-71580799
  5. N

    WESTERN UNION Transfer, WU Bug , WU transfer ( http://carder0077.net )

    *********** Welcome to Carder007 ************ HI ALL NEW CLIENT - CC,CVV guarantee 100% live,Banks Logins,Paypal Balance,Western Union, Dumps & Bins - I'm is Professional seller,more than 6 years experience,i have sold cvv credit card to many customers all over the world. - Selling cvv, fullz...
  6. L

    cashier looking for work

    Hello to all in a cashier in Wisconsin on USA. You can say that I'm a newbie because I only been carding and cashiering for only a year and a half now. Even before I start carding because I come from a city (Chicago) where almost EVERYBODY is carding. Finally when I turned 19 I asked my sister...
  7. L

    If you need bank drops or Wu pickup ICQ 702558403

    I'm in USA and I you can deposit into my bank account and I cash out for you my share is 25% for the first two times to my trust after that it will be 30% Same deal for Wu pickup I also cashout dumps but that's will take a little Longer my share for dumps will be 40% because I do most of the...
  8. jemmy123

    need wu drop some one to cash out.

    need wu drop some one to cash out.
  9. jemmy123

    we need WU or MG drop in our staff.

    we need western union drop in our staff.(big business):)all required that he is able to receive WU or MG transfers :)and make it BTC ;)
  10. jemmy123

    western union drop needed.

    we need western union drop in our staff.(big business):)all required that he is able to receive WU or MG transfers :)and make it BTC ;)
  11. S

    WU picker available in LAS VEGAS

    WU picker available in nevada las vegas very fast and reliable....and will send to nigeria account sharp sharp contact me on FB dada oluwaseyi.
  12. C

    Carders intro HELLO EVERYONE

  13. D

    WU and MG pickup in USA

    Hello, I will pickup your funds in the usa, I have a couple of names I can use. We can start small, we can text each other or talk on the phone, I can guarantee you I am trusted and you will not regret it.
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