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  1. frankbins666

    seperate track one and two

    B4029445165150943^MACLEOD/ SAMANTHA ^2009201000000348000000222000000*4029445165150943=20092010000022200348*VISA*CLASSIC*TD BANK, N.A.*DEBIT*USA*USA, NY*09.27.17 DUMPS FOR REAL KINGS*$15 and idk what to copy and pase for track one. do i need to include the name n shit? the word visa? idk any...
  2. SkubaJay

    I Need Help With Using Only A Track 2 Dump'

    Ive Recently purchased a dump with pin from rescator.cc, that only came with an Track 2. i have a reader/writer with working program, how do i successfully write this track 2 onto a Gift Card, and have it not get declined/ etc in stores? or how do i SUCCESSFULLY write a track 1 for this card...
  3. D

    Shop Sell Dumps Good With Pin Track 1&2

    Shop Sell Dumps Good With Pin Track 1&2
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