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teaches hacking dark

  1. U

    Offering Mentorship (novice level)

    I can tell you a lot about scamming people, I've been doing it myself quite a while now. I have a basic knowledge of Kali Linux and am able to teach you how to break in to simple website's, steal valueable data and sell it (50/50%share) Also I know one or two things about carding credit cards...
  2. enter

    Carders intro Hello everybody

    Hello everyone! I'm enter and I'm new in carding and stuff like that.. I hope you can help me learn this. I need a teacher :p If someone is intressed please PM me! -enter
  3. Joker Stash

    Paid Content Writer Required !!

    Interested in becoming a paid contributor for our site? Feel free to contact us and submit your content. Make sure your content is : On topic with the content of our site or is at leas related to the content of our site Your content is unique was never published before anywhere else! At least...
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