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  1. Gor510

    Linken Sphere - antidetect browser of new generation

    Если ваша работа - партнерские программы, рекламные и социальные сети, покер-румы, казино, букмекеры, форекс, бинарные опции, магазины, банки, платежные системы, клиентские программы - этот браузер для вас.
  2. I

    Sock5 where? Best site?

    Where is best place to get socks 5 proxy dailr? Please need a few ideas
  3. dmgjwt302

    Best setup

    Like I said, this is all new to me ... and Im still trying to get the setup. When I card, it goes through at first but then I get the dreaded cancellation email. WTH! am I doing wrong? Anybody wanna share what you use Os? browser? SOCKS? RDP? virtual machine? VPN? Antidetect? Fraudfox? I...
  4. M

    Carders intro Socks?

    Hi I’m new to this site and wondered were I can find socks for uk ? Thnkx
  5. G

    Carders intro Socks proxy seller

    Hi all. I have lots of USA socks proxies. I want to sell them all. Of course first i will give you for free. 10$ per one. My ICQ:
  6. G

    Carders intro Hallo Darkpro, do you need some socks proxy? :*

    Hi all friends. If you need some socks proxy, this is my ICQ (under). I'm a socks proxy seller and I want to have a BUSINESS. Of course you can test my socks. First two socks will be for free. Just say some country. ICQ:
  7. M


    hi all, im having trouble inserting socks in antidetect. every time i insert socks 5 into firefox or antidetect, my connection is lost. cam someone please tell me where im going wrong. my setup is windows - vpn - virtual machine - antidetect (socks5 in settings) everything is fine until i enter...
  8. Grower

    Full Guide on Anonymity + Complete Setup for Carding [Updated 14-08-2016]

    Hi guys! I decided to share with you a PRO GUIDE on Anonymity which will make you a ghost on the web. I also decided to add a full setup for Carding. So let's see what these guides contain. ANONYMITY GUIDE: Installation of a Linux Distribution; Full Disk Encryption (encryption of /home...
  9. Grower


    Hi guys, we all know that now vip72 is so much popular, and this is really bad for us :( A lot of its socks are blacklisted, but there are good alternatives: Luxury Socks - https://luxsocks.ru Rate: 4/5 Selection: Luxury socks has more than 25,000 proxies all over the world User- Friendly...
  10. N

    Anonymous proxy service

    We offer quality proxy proxy list service with API - http://GlobalProxyProvider.com You can use our service as : - IP change for anonymity - mass iformating gathering/posting with lots of IP's by scripts or sofware Features: Search by country, type of proxy, site opened, time, speed, rate...
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