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  1. P


    I need website for buying cc, cvv, dumps. Shop or seller doesn't matter btw.
  2. AnonymousCarder

    need a shop

    Hello fellow carders/Undercover Feds! (we know you are there too :) you are always welcome.) Anyways, i would like to firstly apologize for the quick intro, but lemme tell u a little about myself. my name isnt your business, i wanted to get into carding, but there are too many scams out there...
  3. U


  4. B

    (NEW) How to FIND CARDABLE SHOPS | 2018

    Hello everybody! I’d like to talk a little about cardable online-shops finding. It would be useful for some beginners. So for getting list of shops go to Amazon and Google. When you’ve got it – choose what you need. Once you’ve chosen you need to check it. Usually they take some CVV’s and try to...
  5. B

    Easy cardable shop website

    Hi guys this is my first post and i want to share with you this cardable website i just found it. in shipping address put your address And billing address put cc info https://wehmeier.shop
  6. fozzy_ods

    Best Cc Shop online

    Update every day one URL : https://cvvshop.ws
  7. B

    Any drop here? To tak my goods

    I want a drop to take my goods and ship it to me. And also if anyone wants someone to shop for anything online you can pm me We can make a deal items like, iphone 6 s plus, samsung gs7 , laptops, shoes, clothings, electronics, and others. And also i can buy tools online for you
  8. Torcarders

    https://torcrds.cc best TOR CVV&DUMPS SHOP will be verified soon here

    Hello guys iam Torcarders Admin and happy to be here,we are waiting admin for become verified here you can already try our stuff :) BEST TOR DUMPS & CVV AUTOSHOP IS BACK IN CLEARNET TOO http://torcrdijxwz4nja3.onion https://torcrds.cc Autoshop Updates For sellers Automate features for cc &...
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