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    Scammer Albert Liverpool

    Hey I just got took 3k from this guy. I sent him 3k for first bank transfer and he took money and is not responding any longer. That is stupid as I can transfer up to 30k total per week. Was just looking for some honest guy with bank account in us to work with. Below is all his info: Email...
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    Scammer 1 scammed me out of DUMPS

    1 scammed me out of DUMPS ICQ 713877109 WATCH OUT STAY AWAY
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    -:The Filipino Rant:- DarknetForum

    Hello there pals. I am articuló_uno. You know where i got this name. I am postinh this rant of mine because i was ripped *TWICE*. I am ranting because i lost my hard earned cash from the predators of the believers like me. 1. I was ripped by a guy from www.westerntransfers.com with an ICQ...
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