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iphone 6 shipped

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    Carding / Shipping Service : Laptop. Iphone, Blackberyy etc cheap : Contact : ICQ 687255063

    SPECIAL Deal 2016 !!!! Sale Sale Sale :) Trusted Darknet Verified Seller / Escrow Accepted Rules : 1: Available courier China Post, Fedex, DHL , TCS ,UPS, Canada post, First Flight , Parcel2Go and Leopards Courier. We have Apples/Samsung and Macbook available in stock, All brand new with...
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    Apple iPhone 6, Gold, 64 GB Shipping from Amazon

    i am shipping Apple iPhone 6, Gold, 64 GB at your Door step in just 250$ from amazon http://www.amazon.com/Apple-iPhone-Gold-Factory-Unlocked/dp/B00NQGP5M8 we Guarantee you 100% Original Product Note: we can only ship One Iphone at one Address ... we can't ship multiple phones on One...
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