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  1. Kekster

    Huge Carding TUTS FREE (PDF)

    Hi These tutorials might be old but good to get you started if you are totally new to carding :) might be worth sharing so .. Link :- https://www.sendspace.com/file/u8lqj6 For malware related services contacts you can PM Spectral HTTP Botnet ( Source + Setup ) :- 300$ Dionysus Crypto...
  2. G

    Carding Australian William Hill Casino

    who know how to card William Hill Casino and then make withdrawal with flagging Account?
  3. D

    Carders intro swiping dumps in casino ?

    I have someone who owns a casino and is okay if i can bring some cards and swipe without any need to show id. how safe is it ? the owner will get his share .
  4. J

    SEO marketing Partner

    hello darkpro members..i know about SEO. actually i'm here to find some partner can supply me a few things.hopefully from us and canada. need trusted members and i will make you dance . hit me at jabberq:
  5. B

    (NEW) Cardable Casino Sites | 2018

    Hey guys, I found this in an article and wanted to share with you. Please leave a feedback if you found this helpful. Without further ado, here's the list: 10bet.com 24hbet.com 5dimes.com admiralbet.com allstar.com alpenland-online.at bcsports.net bet-at-home.com bet24.com bet2day.com...
  6. D

    Paxum to BITCOIN method

    I can make bitcoins with paxum. How ? I use casino referals programs to laundering money and buy bitcoins with my only bank account. Is fast, very simple and ZERO RISK to you. How works ? You need a paxum account (load that with stolen bank logins or stolen credit cards). Transfer money to my...
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