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card clone

  1. V


    i am a legit hacker and i spam my own tools like cc\cvv with good and higly balance for online access, Dumps with pin any country,fullz and rdp, I also do carding⌚,shopping️,payment online,wu transfer and also load pay pal account for more information contact me let make deal ICQ...
  2. sopranos452

    cashout services and free carding lessons

    Hi everyone experienced carder here, i run lessons on icq and jabber which teach the fundamentals of carding. If your failing its because there is either a problem with your fingerprints or proxies. Fingerprints can be bought in `configs` which can be uploaded onto antidetect and launched on...
  3. M

    Looking for work

    Hi people im looking to make cash but in a smart way (under the radar) anyone has any ideas send me a message thanks.
  4. L

    Smart (EMV) Card Writer software for carding

    Smart (EMV) Card Writer software for carding All you need for writing chip card is track2 from magnetic stripe card. Simply put track2 into program and press button. It’s done. : 671358979 Price : Write me (Only serious buyers) Regard
  5. P

    Smart Chips

    Can anyone tell me? How can the cards with the smart chip now being used in US be cloned?
  6. C

    hacking stuff, card clone , the best hacking country ,

    card clone , hacking stuff , card clone, the best hacking country ,
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