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  1. S

    Carders intro its me stinkbugga, im here to learn and hopefully make some good money . from canada

    hello, hopefully i make some friends, im looking for anyone in canada or anyone with canadian info or knows aboiut canadian carding methods etc who wouldnt mind maybe helping me out, teaching me , showing me some methods, or giving me any valuable info that may help me on my journey to actually...
  2. N

    Carders intro new member looking to make money

    i am from canada, looking for work
  3. R

    I couldv'e been rich... *Help, I have lawyer Fees!*

    *Please someone get back to me with some guidance ASAP.. I have to pay my lawyer fees tomorrow LOL* Well, i could have been in some nice foreign country with a Latina Babe not worrying about anything money can buy... But instead, you can catch me throwing tantrums in my room after a Bank...
  4. monkey604

    Needing some help with selecting which type of dump/bin to buy for shopping online

    HI:D I'm hoping someone would be willing to help me with, buying dumps online by this i mean staring from step one if possible or just break it down for me I'm not completely unsure on how to buy & etc... but I'm buying for the first time and not knowing which type of dump and BIN i should be...
  5. O


    I want to buy some Canada fullz with a good price.
  6. S


    These must include FULLZ at a REASONABLE PRICE. They ALL MUST WORK; no bullshit, no excuses!!! My paper is right so your cards MUST be CORRECT. I just ended a long term relationship because that bitch stole EVERYTHING from me so I am taking the little paper I've got left and getting back into...
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