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  1. I

    carding from prison

    my name is kid and I'm in Oklahoma prison. I was taught basics to card jpay to put money on the books but I need a mentor to take things to the next level. my ICQ is 745207705 I know basics and I use cvvshop. su but I'm operating with Android. never used socks. all help is appreciated. fight...
  2. U

    Carders intro Newbe in this field

    Hey I m newbie in this field Actually i m in GSM field to crack the phone's security and network unlocking it with all legals. Actually i m dealing specially with android devices. And at the time there is all method and solution of my field is encrypted and protected. Example there is many...
  3. CF36

    Things You wish You knew when You started carding?

    Hello dear Colleagues, I hope You are all having a Fantastic day! Every Professional was once a Beginner and every Beginner wants to become a Professional. As Margaret Fuller once said: " If You have Knowledge, let Others light their candles in it". Dear Brothers and Sisters with more...
  4. W

    Carders intro I need help ASAP. Somebody please teach me!!

    I just got out of prison and have literally NOTHING to my name. The only family I had left is homeless, and I'm couch hopping from friends to friends. I've messed around with carding a little bit but I want to learn how to do it properly. I need to get my family and myself off the streets, can...
  5. S

    Need help please. I new to this hustle but have all the CC's ready to go

    Please someone help me figure this out . I've come to the conclusion that buying gift cards with the info is the way., but which cards. Everyone's opinion is different Some said AMEX some say reload able vise some say non reload able visa. Some say MasterCard some said actuall Dept store...
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