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    Intermediate carder looking for partner/mentor/sounding board

    Looking for someone who can hit me up and possibly chat about the different ways to go about using the information that I have available to me. Feel like I have exhausted most of my preferred ways but on the lookout for more up to date ways and methods. ICQ: 726 790 067
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    Is There such a thing as a one-stop shop?

    Newbie, sitting on cards and don't understand how this all works nor have the time. Have reached out to a couple of members and it seems very complicated...like you have to work with 5 kinds of services. Isn't there someone out there that can handle everything, I provide the cards...?
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    Full info of 2 separate Amex Platinum Card's

    I've got high quality picture's of 2 separate American Express Platinum Card's. They have not been reported stolen and are still in place. I want to make some good money out of them, might want to sell them if getting the money of the card's is not possible. I know there is a lot of money on the...
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    2 Platinum Amex Card's

    I've got picture's of two seperate Platinum Amex card's(Front&Back)((Has not been report stolen)) They are full with cash but, I can't get to it. If you can get to the cash or might know someone that can, comment. I want to make a deal in which you cut me in for a certain percentage of the...
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    Amex Plantinum card login

    Amex platnium card login, card and pin, when a transaction is made it is blocked doe? Please help!
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    7$ Cheap CVV! High limits! LOW prices!

    I have for sale several high limit bins! USA, all different states! -Amex Centurion -Visa Platinum -Visa Gold -MasterCard Gold Don't miss out on this! I sell numbers for 7$. Yes, that's right, only 7$! Minimum order is 15 numbers.
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